A table tennis robot/ball machine can be the key to your success. A good table tennis robot will provide you with most of the practice situations you will encounter and help you to improve your game rapidly.

PRAKTTISMATE offers a 1 year warranty .

Prakttismate 1
Table tennis robot/ball machine.
Price: $1395 plus Shipping & Handling

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Prakttismate..the only robot to give you loops.

Prakttismate..place it anywhere, still recycles.

Prakttismate..gives you all  the shots in the game

Faster and more powerful than most, if not all other robots. The spiniest robot around.

Now comes 41MM ready. Minor user adjustment required when changing to 41MM.

Prakttismate....you get what you pay for.

Comes with cabled Remote Control, Pre-assembled Recycle  net and a fully descriptive Operations manual.

Our robot has analog controls only. This means that you are able to change speed and spin by infinitely small amounts, as opposed to setting them by specific amounts, which is the case for digitally controlled machines.

If you are serious about robot training, this is the robot you need.

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PK1 38 MPH? See our FAQ page

Please note that we no longer make PK 2


Serving you since 2001


"I highly recommend this unit, it is a superb value."

"Before buying the Prakttismate 2a, I bought two other ping pong machines, the Newgy 1040 and the Amicus 3000. I ended up returning both those machines: the Newgy, because while it performed well for its price, it was incapable of delivering a realistic topspin at higher speeds, and the Amicus due to issues with ball delivery (it could well be I had a defective unit)

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"I practiced with my friend's robot a while back. It was a Prakttismate 1. Soon after, I decided to get my own robot. I figured I would get the two wheel robot made in China because it is much cheaper than the PK1 and also gives no spin. I was surprised at the big difference between the two robots. Although the Chinese robot is better than single wheel robots, it is no substitute for a PK1.  The PK1 has incredible spin and speed compared to the cheaper robot. Also I love the feature of the PK1 where you can put the robot anywhere on the table. In fact when I checked around with robot owners, they told me that the PK1 is a better value than even robots that offer some programmable features. I bought my PK1  and I regret that I wasted my money on the cheaper unit.



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