Robot Facts

  1. A table tennis robot/ball machine can be one of the most important pieces of equipment you can purchase if you want to improve your game and improve it rapidly.
  2. A robot not only helps you to improve your strokes. Many people think that because most robots serve the ball the same way over and over, they are only helpful in grooving strokes. On the contrary, when a robot is made to oscillate, you are learning to make strokes dynamically, which is vastly different from when the robot is in a fixed, non-oscillating position. Because you have to employ much more footwork during oscillation, you have possibly increased the degree of difficulty by perhaps 5-10 fold. This means that you are practicing at a level close to game conditions.
  3. It is best to have a robot that is capable of producing no-spin balls. This is so because on a no-spin-capable robot, you can adjust spin separately from speed. A robot that does not produce no-spin, cannot produce all the shots and variations you need. You cannot make the inherent spin any less. With a no-spin capable robot, you can get anti-spin or pips returns served to you. You cannot receive these from most of the other robots.
  4. One week of conscientious practice with a robot is probably equivalent to six months practice with humans under normal club conditions.
  5. Table tennis robots are very convenient for practice because they never complain about your poor returns or your constant misses. They are ready when you are.
  6. A table tennis robot/ball machine is an excellent choice for anyone to use when they need to improve their game. Whether you are a beginner or high level player, there is always a way a robot can help you.

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